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  • Cinema: Bicycle Thieves / Ladri di bicyclette (U)

Cinema: Bicycle Thieves / Ladri di bicyclette (U)

Mar 29, 2018


The premise of this delightful film is deceptively simple.  A man needs a job.  To get it he needs to have a bicycle.  He gets the bicycle.  He gets the job.  Then the bicycle is stolen.

Since its release 70 years ago Bicycle Thieves has regularly topped greatest-film lists and has proven to be one of the most inspirational and timeless films ever.  Filmed on the streets of post-war Rome with untrained locals playing many of the parts, it’s a shining light in Italian neo-realist cinema.  But there’s no need to be academic about it – it’s a beautifully made, fully-formed gem.

Showing as part of our World Cinema series.

Tickets are available online at, and at the Pavilion reception desk.

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