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The Forget-me-Not Chorus Demenstoria

21.07.16 – 31.07.16

An honest exploration of living with Dementia.

This exhibition, commissioned by The Forget-me-Not Chorus combines the photography of Dan Green, the music of David George Harrington and the poetry of Lou Osborn to de-mystify dementia and celebrate those who live with or alongside the illness.

For many, a diagnosis of dementia can be devastating and frightening. The Forgetme-Not Chorus have a deep and real understanding of the reality of day to day living. The challenges, laughs and losses, absurdities and frustrations, pain and joys and overwhelmingly, love.

As part of the exhibition, there will be a series of short lunch time and early evening concerts. The artists from Welsh National Opera and RWCMD have donated their time and talents for nothing as they believe in the work carried out by the charity .Any donations made will go directly to funding the singing rehearsals that reach over 150 people per week across South Wales.

To accompany Demenstoria the Forget-me-Not chorus have curated a series of events, open to all and created to raise awareness of Dementia in the community.

21st July – 7pm
Join Emma Waller, Louise Broderick, Marilyn Shewring and Ali Robinson, members of the orchestra of Welsh National Opera for an evening concert.

22nd July – 7pm
Preview of the exhibition accompanied by a performance from the Forget-me-Not Choir.

24th July-2.30pm
Open Forget-me-Not Chorus Session. Suitable for people living with dementia and their families this session aims to give you a taste of a typical Forget-me-Not Chorus session.

26th July – 1pm
Musical Delights with David George Harrington. Light musical delights with Forget-me-Not Chorus Composer in Residence.

28th July – 1pm
‘Mezzo piano’ featuring Forget-me-Not Chorus charity director and mezzo soprano Kate Woolveridge.

29th July – 1pm
Enigma Duo with Katherine Thomas (harp) and Laurence Kepton (violin), musicians from the Orchestra of Welsh Natonal Opera

29th July – 7pm
An evening of song from two members of the WNO Chorus.

30th July – 10am
Exhibition Q&A with charity directors, Kate Woolveridge and Sarah Teagle and photographer Dan Green



Geraint Evans
Preview: 5th August 2016, 6pm – 9pm
Open until : 29th August 2016.

Penarth Pier Pavilion is delighted to present a major exhibition of recent Royal Drawing School Alumnus Geraint Evans: Edgeland. This is the first solo exhibition from Evans since completing the postgraduate diploma at the prestigious school where he now teaches as part of the Drawing Clubs Faculty.

For Edgeland, Evans presents a focal installation, comprising of sculpture and sound with a burnt out car as the central piece: ‘Monolith (horizontal)’. This semi-autobiographical, multi-sensory installation delves into personal memories of childhood playing in a scrap of woodland that backed his estate in west Cardiff. The work explores the notion of destruction as a form of creation and considers what it takes to break the negative social cycles of estate life. The nowhere bits of scrub-land that lie between where our cities become more dilute and our countryside begins is where you will find the Edgelands: spaces as transient, evocative and visceral as memory itself.

Many of the drawings are large scale and site specific, often done entirely from observation. These in situ sessions were intensified by listening to sound while working via headphones plugged into a microphone, intensifying the sensory connection to the place. Evans’ work is built around the central concern of the individual’s experience of genius loci, in both the political and physical geography of place.

Edgeland explores the wilderness of memory; a word unclear as to what events are fabricated and what are recalled accurately from reality. Recollections where factual experiences, almost within grasp, meet belief and imagination. Evans presents these coming of age events as legend.

This exhibition was made possible with support from Arts Council of Wales, with special thanks to Pengham PartMart and sonic art collaborators James Holland and Nick Perry.

Img: Edgeland, Geraint Evans, Charcoal on paper 168 X 59cm, 2015. Courtesy the artist

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