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Dark Sky Wales Talks Return for 2017

Jan 05, 2017

Dark Sky Wales return to the Pavilion for a second six week course – Life in the Universe. The team from Dark Sky Wales joined us last autumn for a fascinating course introducing astronomy, the universe and the work currently being done to explore space.

This time they will be asking if there is there life outside that of our Earth? This is possibly the most important scientific question yet to be answered and a positive answer will redefine our politics, philosophy and society as a whole.

The course is designed to explore this concept and examine the history of our ideas regarding life in the universe and what science is currently doing to discover it.

Tickets are £8 per session, or you can receive a discount by block booking all 6 sessions for the price of £45.

Week One – Wednesday 25th January 2017
The Plurality of Worlds
We shall explore how old the idea of alien life is and what has propelled us on our journey of enquiry from ancient ideas to modern science
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Week Two – Wednesday 1st February 2017
The Origin of Life on Earth
What has modern science discovered about the origin of life here and does this give us confidence that life elsewhere may share such origins.
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Week Three – Wednesday 8th February 2017
Other Earths and Habitable Zones
We have discovered many new planets orbiting other stars in the past 10 years. How many are Earth like and how do we know they could support life?
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Week Four – Wednesday 15th February 2017
Detecting Life Elsewhere
What tools have we developed to enable us to find life elsewhere and to contact it?
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Week Five – Wednesday 22nd February 2017
Fermi’s Paradox
The 20th century saw the rise of the UFO phenomenon. Can we learn anything from public perception and what does science say about such phenomena?
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Week Six – Wednesday 1st March 2017
How will contact with Alien life change our perception of ourselves, our cultures and our ideologies? Will it prove to be a blessing or a curse?
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