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KICKSTART Health Masterclass

Award-winning Cardiff GP Dr Lisa Thomas, has teamed up with Lifecoach Caron Williams, to deliver a health masterclass called Kickstart aimed at initiating your lifestyle changes where you spend nothing and you do nothing. The lifestyle expert team will share evidence-based prescriptions for intermittent fasting, meditating and restorative sleep, which together can produce powerful results including weight loss, energy gain and improved memory to name just a few.

“As a GP, 78% of what I see in surgery is caused by lifestyle factors. I help my patients to heal their health problems naturally and safely by prescribing scientifically-proven lifestyle changes. Having a life coach partner with me, helps make these changes sustainable. We want people to be able to avoid the need for medicines and only use them if absolutely necessary.” Dr Lisa said

Coach Caron explains “Your DNA is not your destiny. Dr Lisa and I apply our prescriptions to ourselves to reverse signs of disease and reduce the risk of developing disease in the future, no matter what runs in our family. Our ‘Kickstart’ workshop will provide a blueprint for participants to immediately feel health benefits that save them time, money and possibly their life.”

£29 includes workbook and take-home self care actions


Earlier Event: June 28
Later Event: June 30