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Art History Lectures - Andrew Wyeth

Magic Realism in New England: The mesmerising work of Andrew Wyeth
Presented by Stella Grace Lyons

‘If there is such a thing as a purely American tradition in Art, it is represented at its best in the straightforward canvases of Andrew Wyeth.’ — LIFE magazine, 1948.

Andrew Wyeth is one of America’s best-known Realist painters of the 20th century. In a career spanning 75 years, he created paintings of everyday life in Pennsylvania and Maine that were imbued with mystery and emotion. He painted with an exacting detail that led to his style being termed ‘magic realism’. This talk looks at his poignant landscapes, his scandalous ‘Helga’ series and his moving portraits, including a focused look at his most iconic work, ‘Christina’s World’.

Stella Grace Lyons returns to the Pavilion with two Art History lectures. Stella is a renowned freelance Art History lecturer and speaker accredited with The Arts Society.

Ticket price of £15 includes a glass of wine following the lecture.

Earlier Event: August 28
Later Event: August 28