A bright future for the Penarth Pavilion

The retiring Chair of the PACL Board of Trustees, Professor Tony Hazell, has predicted a bright future for the charity and the Penarth Pavilion. Tony, who has been a Trustee of PACL for more than six years, and Chair for almost five years, had informed the Board at the beginning of May of his intention to retire at the end of September. He was confident that, by that time, the charity overall would be in a more stable position and that the Board would have achieved its main aim of ensuring an exciting future for the management and operation of the Pier Pavilion. At his final meeting at the end of September, he advised the Board that various factors had contributed to the success in achieving its main objective. Several important partnerships have been established enabling a wide variety of regular activities to take place in the main hall, including Tai Chi, Rubicon Dance sessions, the annual Penarth Chamber Music Festival and the annual two weeks of special dementia-friendly events run by Forget-Me-Not. He welcomed the increasing popularity of film screenings by Snowcat Cinema, run by Penarth resident Ben Rive, which operates entirely independent of PACL. Other notable successes have been the partnership agreement with Waterloo Tea for the management and operation of the Café and the appointment earlier in the year of a new Pavilion Manager, Marta Gehrmandi. Marta, who was attending her first meeting of the PACL Board, gave an exciting and encouraging report to the Board on her first two months in the post and the Chair added that she had already injected a new wave of optimism for the future.

In addition to the retirement of the Chair, the Board also acknowledged the retirement of two other long-serving Trustees, Paul Cantrill and Jo Jones. Jo, former Director of Tourism and Marketing for the Welsh Government, advised the Board that his decision to retire was a result of his appointment as Special Adviser to Lord Ellis-Thomas, Minister for Tourism in the Welsh Government and the need to avoid any potential conflict of interest. Paul, a Business Adviser with the Wales Cooperative Centre, was unable to attend the Board Meeting but had previously informed members of his decision due to a significant increase in his professional responsibilities. He has been one of the main drivers behind the successful award of financial support from the Royal Bank of Scotland ‘Social and Community Capital Fund’ towards the planned development of the Pavilion’s catering facilities. This project will be run jointly by the Pavilion Manager and Kasim Ali, the owner and Managing Director of Waterloo Tea and the award of this loan, which will be repaid over four years, is a clear endorsement of the progress made by Pavilion Management and the Board of Trustees in the past twelve months. All three retiring Trustees have made it clear that they will continue to provide informal support to the charity and the Pavilion in the future.

Having said farewell to the three highly valued Trustees who were retiring, the Board gave a warm welcome to three new Trustees, Dr Danny Antebi, a retired Consultant Psychiatrist, Sheridan Ward, a well-known local artist and Nerida Palser, a successful business woman. All three are residents of Penarth.

Professor Hazell stated that it had been a privilege and pleasure to have been able to contribute to the successful establishment of the Pier Pavilion as a major attraction both in Penarth and beyond. He thanked the Board Members for their support and wished the Pavilion a long and successful future.