Exhibitions at Penarth Pavilion

Shannon Haswell - By the Sea / Gerylli

15th June - 11th August

Exhibition opening night, Saturday 15th June, 7pm

Shannon Haswell is an artist living in Splott, Cardiff, working with paint, pastels and the occasional pen! Originally from Penarth, Shannon has always been drawn to water as a landscape and much of her work has been inspired by the meeting of land and water - in particular the meeting of structured manmade landmarks, buildings and objects with the fluidity of water.

While studying history at the university of Bristol, Shannon was drawn to art as a primary source and after graduating began painting as an occasional hobby. After the birth of her first son and relocating back to South Wales, Shannon began painting more regularly and has had her work exhibited in a number of locations.

Her artwork draws on memory; most of the landscapes she paints are familiar places and so are blurred with recollection and nostalgia, and she is also motivated by a love of colour and interior design - creating scenes that are fresh and vibrant.